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Enkindling the Endorphins of Endurance1.png

Enkindling the Endorphins of Endurance: Your Ultimate Go to Guide for Running Your First 5k, 10k, Half and Full Marathon

Palpably practical and utterly motivating, this book will unlock the dormant reserves of grit and toughness lurking inside you and propel you across the finish-line of a spectacular journey that is the Marathon.

Kabuliwala and Other Poems1.png

Kabuliwala and Other Poems

Acclaimed Malayalam poet Dr. Desamangalam Ramakrishnan has been writing poetry for well over five decades. Fifty-four of his Malayalam poems selected from different collections are presented in translation in Kabuliwala and Other Poems.

In Sound Health1.png

In Sound Health: A Handbook on Sound, Music and Health

In Sound Health: A Handbook on Sound, Music and Health aims to create awareness among medical professionals as well as the general public about the impact of sound, noise and music on health.


The Future of Healthcare: Transforming with Technology

In today’s world, technology plays a big role in our daily lives, including our consumption of healthcare. We are in an exciting new era where the advances and breakthrough innovations in digital healthcare technologies have the potential to improve the quality of healthcare while drastically reducing costs.

Forthcoming Titles


Don’s Nemesis: An Indian Police Officer's Single-Handed International Operation against a Dreaded Indian Don in Africa

Dr Amar Kumar Pandey


Communication, Development Society and Governance: A three hundred and sixty degree perspective on the use of communication for societal development and transformation

Ambrish Saxena


Rose without Thorns: Reflections of an Immaterial Wanderer

R. Venkatramani